Samsung patent insights – January 2019


In this post I will provide insights into patent publications of Samsung in January 2019.

Samsung is the second largest tech company in the world by market value. According to IFI claims, it is the second largest company with most patent grants in the USA in 2018.

Samsung has 912 patents published in January 2019.

Top Countries

USA is the top country with 549 publications and the EU is a distant second with 154 publications. WO/PCT comes third with 150 publications.

India, Germany, Denmark, Australia and the UK come next with 39, 10, 5, 4 and 1 publication respectively.

Samsung’s home country South Korea is not in the list. Please note that these are published countries and not priority countries. South Korea might be present in the priority countries list.

Look at the top countries graph below:

Top Patent Publication Countries in January 2019 – Samsung

Publication Trend

214 patent applications are published on January 24th alone. 177, 163 and 124 patent applications are published on January 17th, 10th and 3rd respectively.

Look at the publication trend graph below:

Patent Publication Trend in January 2019 – Samsung

Most of the countries publish patent applications on a weekly basis. We can see that trend in the heat map below.

For example, US has published patent applications on January 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. Publications on the other dates (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd) are granted patents.

Publication Date Vs. Country – Samsung

In the US, we can see an increase in the number of publications each week. 102, 127, 140 and 173 patent applications are published respectively in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of January 2019.

Top IPCs (International Patent Classifications)

H01L is the top IPC with 206 publications and G06F comes next with 186 publications.

H04W, H04N and H04L follow with 120, 97 and 81 publications respectively.

Top IPCs in January – Samsung

To know what these IPC codes mean, look at their definitions below:

  • H01L – Semiconductor devices
  • G06F – Electric digital data processing
  • H04W – Wireless communication networks
  • H04N – Pictorial communication Eg. Television
  • H04L – Transmission of digital information, e.g. Telegraphic communication
  • G02B – Optical elements, systems, or apparatus
  • G02F  – Devices or arrangements, the optical operation of which is modified by changing the optical properties of the medium of the devices or arrangements for the control of the intensity, colour, phase, polarisation or direction of light, e.g. Switching, gating, modulating or demodulating; techniques or procedures for the operation thereof; frequency-changing; non-linear optics; optical logic elements; optical analogue/digital converters
  • G06K – Recognition of data; presentation of data; record carriers; handling record carriers
  • G09G – Arrangements or circuits for control of indicating devices using static means to present variable information
  • H04M – Telephonic communication

Top Inventors

Park, Young-o is the top Inventor with 9 publications.

Choi Kwang-pyo, Jeon Sun-young, Kim Jae-hwan, Lee Jong-seok and Park Jeong-hoon 8 publications each.

Hana Ra, Harim Lee, Jaehong Kim and Kyoungsoo Kim have 6 publications each.

Look at the top inventors chart below:

Top Inventors in January 2019 – Samsung

List of recent US publications

The image below shows the list of recent US publications of Samsung.

List of recent US publications

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