Facebook granted design patent for its Oculus VR touch controller


Facebook was granted a design patent yesterday by the United States Patents & Trademark Office for its Oculus VR touch controller.

The patent application was initially filed in January 2018 and is a division of application filed in September 2016.  

The patent shows the design patent applicant as Oculus VR, LLC. Oculus VR LLC is now Facebook Technologies LLC. Facebook has acquired Oculus in a $2billion deal in 2014.

As this is a design patent, the functionality of the device is not mentioned in the patent. Only drawings showing the design of the Oculus VR touch controller are presented in the patent.  

Facebook claims the invention as, “The ornamental design for a wireless game controller, as shown and described.”

Facebook design patent’s Fig.1 shown below is a front isometric view of the Oculus VR touch controller

Facebook design patent’s Fig.4 Is a left side elevation view of the Oculus VR touch controller

The term of this design patent is 15 years.  

Yi-yaun Chen, Wesley Peter and Quintin Morris are named as inventors of this design patent.

Recently Oculus controllers were in news when they were spotted with some secret messages on them.

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